OOTD – Blustery Day Mistakes! 

Hey guys! Decided I’d give you all a peek at what I decided to wear today while the sun was shining! Now the day has taken a turn and it’s windy as all hell and the sun has disappeared behind the clouds! I’ve been gripping the bottom trying desperately not to flash my rear at people! But hey! Thems the breaks!


So today I got my delivery from Boohoo and got majorly excited! So I decided to put on this light, colourful, SUPER comfortable dress! It’s actually meant to be a swing dress but with my shape if I wear them without a belt it kinda looks like I’m pregnant (awks). Also I just really like drawing attention to my waist as it is particularly small and try to take it away from my ever growing boobicles!

I just paired it with things I had in my wardrobe all of which are from Penneys/Primark! The waist belt was about €4 and also comes in a really cute light pink, grey cardigan was €12 and the pumps are as old as the hills so I have no idea how much they were but they always have a great range of flats!

The dress can be found here and is €20!

Boohoo have really fast shipping, inexpensive products and have deals going on more often than not! If you haven’t checked out before I recommend that you do!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Sarahface xo


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