Dealing With The Flu…. And Working At The Same Time 

So, right now I am dealing with a really bad case of the flu and not being able to take time off of work. It is seriously one of the hardest things to do but its gotta be done! The weather here has been so up and down. One second, it looks like the summer has finally come and the next w’re stuck back in Winter with hail and rain beating at the windows…

What I’ve been doing to deal with being sick:

Lemsip, lemsip, lemsip. With the flu there’s really not much you can do about it. I’ve just been drinking lemsip every 4 hours for the past few days and it really helps relieve the symptoms so life is a lot more manageable.

Fluids. I have been drinking tea and water practically non-stop. It’s majorly important when sick to keep hydrated and it really has been making me feel a lot better!

I have also been trying to rest as much as possible. I go to bed early and wake up at a good time in the morning. Even during the day I don’t have the strength to walk around too much so at work I take regular breaks. If I’m at home I just sit back and watch tv and try to get as many of my chores done as possible.

The last thing I’ve been trying to do when I get the chance is take a short walk. Fresh air really helps keep the murkiness out of my head and I can manage work a lot more easily.

I know you guys probably already know to do all these things but I just wanted to let you know how I’ve been doing and just that I have been taking care of myself! Also, I’ve done a small bit of vacation shopping so I’ll be doing a haul video as soon as I feel better! Stay tuned 😁

Thanks for reading guys!

Sarahface xo


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