DIY Heart Mug

Hello people of the interwebs!

I wanted to share with everyone a something I created today! I saw something similar on Pinterest and it really inspired me to create something along the same lines! So I’m gonna give you a list of things you need to do this and hopefully some of you get crafty in the kitchen too!


Step One: As per instruction on the bottle, I applied a layer of Mod-Podge to my mugs and let them sit for an hour and a half. This will stop your design from coming of when you want to seal it afterwards!

Step Two: While the Mod-Podge was drying I got to work on cutting out the heart shapes that I needed for the design! I drew one side of the heart, folded the card in half and cut in line with the half-heart I had drawn. I did this until I had enough of the card hearts to use for my design


Step Three: Once the mugs were dry, taped the hearts to it in no particular pattern. I then used my permanent markers to dot around the card hearts. I dotted along the edge of the handle on both sides as well! I left this to sit for an hour.


Step Four: Lastly, I applied a layer of Mod-Podge over my design. Add 2-3 layers of Mod-Podge to the mug, leaving an hour or two between the layers!

This is really a simple thing to do but the outcome is really pretty! I’ll definitely going to be using these as often as possible!

Hope you all enjoyed this post and happy crafting!

Sarahface xo


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