About A Girl


Hello World!

This is the page that’ll let you know about me!

Born and raised in the southwest of Ireland in a small tourist town by the name of Dingle! Surrounded by beautiful views and most of the time rainy weather I grew up reading, watching a lot of television and on the odd chance of a sunny day running around in my back garden soaking up as much vitamin D as possible!

I’m the kind of person who loves a good laugh! I like to think I am caring and a good listener to all that need me! I will always lend a hand where needed while keeping the mood light and happy when and if possible!

Things I love:

My wonderful family and friends



Travelling (Some might say I have wanderlust)



Vaping (This is a new addition)

Keeping fit


Animals of all shapes and sizes (except cows….. I have a completely irrational fear of them… I’m cool I know)

My cat Liath (pronounced Lee-ahhhh for the non-Irish speaking people out there!)

Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate

Food. I could talk about food all day everyday for the rest of my life and be so content

Apple products. iPhone, Macbook, iPad. I love them.

Photography. Capturing beautiful moments and being able to look back on them is really a wonderful thing

Music of all kinds (From K-pop to metal to pop to country I like it all.)

So many more things that I cannot think of right now!

This blog is a space for me to freely write my opinion about things and generally give people a clear insight in to what my life is like. I don’t believe in pretending to like something I don’t or being untrue in anyway so any opinion I may post on this blog is completely 100% honest.

Thanks to anyone who follows and reads my posts! You are lovely and I appreciate the crap outta you!

Peace and love to all!

Sarahface xo


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