Scents Of The Moment

This past month in Ireland the sun has really been struggling to poke itself out from behind the dark grey clouds but the past few days it has actually managed it! The clouds have dispersed, the rain has stopped (for now) and I just wanted to share with you guys the scents I love to wear during sunny spells. The ones that put me in a happy, sunshiny mood!

  1. pBBW1-14865696v275The one I have been reaching for the most lately is the Beautiful Day Fine Fragrance Mist from Bath and Body Works! This scent is light and airy and perfect for sunny days! You guys can purchase it here! Price: $14.00
  2. pBBW1-17486035v275The next scent I want to mention is also a Fine Fragrance Mist from Bath and Body Works! It’s called Mad About You. This scent is a really girly, floral and sweet smelling! I love it for days spent hanging out in the sunshine with friends and family alike. It makes me feel really feminine and happy. You can purchase it here! Price: $14.00
  3. s1239789-main-heroChloé by ChloéThis scent is one that I loved for a few years now! It’s a really sweet and girly smell that is suitable for all occasions! I reach for this more often than not! You can purchase it here! Price ranges from €78.70 to €95.25
  4. 2632Last but defintely not least, Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs.This scent is both light and airy, perfect for those lazy, sunny days! It is floral and fruity! Seriously a go to fragrance for me! You can purchase it here! Prices range from €66.00 €88.90

I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I have enjoyed making it! Enjoy the sunshine and lovely fragrances that compliment it!

Sarahface xo